Stop being accommodating in relationships

02-Aug-2017 22:54

Although you’ve got no choice but to talk to this person, you would prefer to be treated with more civility.You’re also afraid that if you somehow annoy this person, you’ll never get the appointment or prescription refill you need.Further, conflict beliefs were predicted to influence this predictive relationship.The four conflict tactics investigated were the options of .This attachment style, in which you’re constantly seeking reassurance.The difficult individual would, according to this framework, most likely have a dismissive or avoidant attachment style.Or perhaps there is a person at work who sits discontentedly at his desk, complaining to anyone who will listen, and refuses to cooperate on any joint project.As with the surly in-law, you frequently feel like you’ve said something wrong or offensive, and it doesn’t seem possible ever to exchange a friendly word.

Most were in a relationship; 14 percent were married.And you can’t see through the crusty exterior they’ve created because they’ve learned not to let their inner, vulnerable selves show through.Using attachment style as a theoretical base, California State San Bernardino’s Robert Ricco and Anthony Sierra (2017) investigated the role of “argument beliefs” in understanding how the securely and insecurely attached navigate conflict.As often as you’ve tried to be flexible and agreeable, it seems to make no difference at all.

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This person is not willing to engage in the kind of casual chats that people who see each other frequently can enjoy, and when she does, you often feel like you’ve said something wrong.The only one of these that involves working with your partner to achieve resolution is integrating, in which you both try to meet the other person’s needs equally, as you would your own.

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