Ts and dating

30-Jul-2017 04:05

If it works out, great, if it doesn’t, you’ll know you tried and put yourself out there and were authentic. While you shouldn’t judge your friend for his or her past relationship patterns, or assume that the same will hold true for you when you get together, it’s wise to take an honest look at his or her romantic history. A workaholic whose significant other often comes second to a job?It can hold important clues to the joys and challenges you might experience as a couple. “Don’t write anyone off, but also don’t assume you’re going to be the exception if you’ve seen this person treat other partners badly,” says Strgar.Are you looking for something serious and committed? Be clear on your vision before taking the next step with a friend.“When you come into a conversation knowing what you want, it doesn’t matter how the other person reacts, because either way, you’re being honest and true to yourself.” says Strgar.That’s why it’s smart to be a little strategic about your next move.

Know that it won’t be easy, but going from friends to partners can be one of the most rewarding relationship paths out there.That whole sliding into friends-with-benefits before you’ve really thought it through or talked it out: It’s a bad idea if you’re actually interested in exploring a relationship with your friend.

There are many variables to consider including time, location, her mood, her receptivity, your attitude, your demeanor, and numerous other factors you will discover here at Better Dates in the future.… continue reading »

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With five AVN award nominations, three XBIZ award nominations, and achieving 2011 Penthouse Pet of the Year, Miss Benz has been making quite a name for herself.… continue reading »

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